Computer Engineering

Computer engineering

Computer engineering

Aalborg University’s new M.Sc. programme in Computer Engineering is targeted at B.Sc. graduates interested in distributed systems, networks, AI, vision and sound.

The new master’s programme in Computer Engineering at Aalborg University has two specialisations.

Specialisation: AI, Vision and Sound

You will specialise in theories and methods for computer vision, such as image recognition, visual scene analysis, object tracking and methods within sound processing and acoustics. Acoustics is the science of sound and comprises all aspects of generation, transmission and propagation of sound and its possible influence on people, including sound perception. Computer vision is a field within AI that uses machine learning and deep learning to analyse images and videos in the same way as people do. As a specialist in AI, Vision and Sound, you will be able to make a difference in areas such as

  • Hearing aids
  • Building and room acoustics
  • Image recognition for improvement of cancer detection
  • Detecting COVID-19 via deep learning algorithms
  • Monitoring in agriculture concerning productivity, health and animal welfare
  • Camera‐based roadway monitoring for avoiding unsafe driving behaviour

Students have access to high-standard facilities, including anechoic rooms, infrasound chamber, listening cabins, standard listening rooms, audiometry room, high-quality measurement equipment and signal processing equipment and an auditory virtual reality workbench.

Specialisation: Networks and Distributed Systems

You will be specialised in theories and methods for design and implementation of complex communication and distributed systems with focus on reliability, distributed mode of operation, real-time requirements or security. As a specialist in networks and distributed systems, your competences will be in high demand. You will become an expert in the systems we surround ourselves with daily – both large and small systems in which computers interact with their surroundings and other computers such as:

  • Mobile phone systems
  • Climate control in buildings
  • Home banking and payment systems which need to be extra robust against faults and attacks
  • When vital parts of cars, trains or aeroplanes communicate, faults must be handled safely, protecting driver/pilot and passengers

As an engineer specialised in networks and distributed systems, you can play a deciding role in development of such systems.

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