Culture, Communication and Globalization, Kandidat

Culture, Communication and Globalization

Culture, Communication and Globalization

Information on this page concerns students applying for admission from the academic year 2020

If you are looking for a Master’s programme that does not only provide you with high-quality education with a strong international profile in the subjects central to the demands of today’s world but also trains you in solving the problems posed by these rapidly changing demands, consider the ‘Culture, Communication and Globalization’ programme.

If you are interested in having an active role in designing your personal academic profile and not only acquiring but also producing knowledge in the areas highly relevant to many contemporary professional settings, then you will appreciate interdisciplinary, problem-based learning which is a trademark of Aalborg University.

The ‘Culture, Communication and Globalization’ programme will provide you with an opportunity to gain MA academic credentials at a well-esteemed Scandinavian university in the egalitarian study tradition and multicultural student environment that will guarantee you enriching educational and social experiences.

Scandinavian teaching tradition and problem based learning

A trademark of the ‘Culture, Communication and Globalization’ programme (and Aalborg University) is its unique pedagogic model of teaching: the problem-based, project-organized model. During the semester this method is supported by courses, group work and project work that revolve around complex real-life problems which students investigate and try to find answers to in scientific manners. 

In close dialogue with an academic supervisor you will select an area of interest, identify and formulate a problem that you will tackle in your project. Further on you will develop a theoretical and methodological framework for dealing with the issues in focus and carry out an independent exploration presented in a written report. This report will serve as the basis for an oral exam at the end of a semester.

Through this work you will not only study in depth a particular area relevant to your educational profile but will also acquire teamwork skills and the ability to work creatively which are in high-demand in professional situations and will give you a head start on the job market.

Tailor your own study programme

The MA in Culture, Communication and Globalization provides rich opportunity for creating a degree with a strong personal profile. The programme offers three study profiles:

  • Consumption and Market Communication
  • Organization and Leadership 
  • Global Politics, Migration and Movements

You may choose to specialize in one of the study profiles mentioned above by following the courses offered within the profiles. You may also select and follow the courses across the streams designing a broader academic profile in the field of Culture, Communication and Globalization. 

Internship and mobility stay opportunity

On your third semester of the programme, you can tailor your degree further by choosing an internship in Denmark or in another country. This would give you an opportunity to apply the knowledge that you gained through your courses in the hands-on experience of working in an international professional environment. Alternatively, you may choose to build upon already acquired knowledge by following for one semester another programme, at Aalborg University or at another university, specializing in your area of study.

Students are free to choose their area(s) of emphasis in tailoring their study programme to their own needs and desires. All classes are taught in English.

Teaching period

The programme begins 1 September.

Further information about the CCG programme

For at more detailed description af the CCG Master's programme, the four semesters, overview of courses, typical schedules, etc, please see "Semester and Course Description of the CCG Master’s Programme".



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  • Philosophy of science and methodology
  • Managing multiculturalism
  • Globalization and multiculturalism

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