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A Master's degree in Tourism will give you a strong job profile and will enable you to plan and carry out internal and external communication assignments within the field of tourism, analyse and evaluate tourism-related developments in local, national and international contexts, and manage projects, also in co-operation with external partners, which develop new potentials within tourism.

These competences will qualify you for management positions in private businesses such as attractions, hotel chains, travel agencies, interest organisations and consultancy firms, as well as in public organisations such as national, regional and local tourism boards, municipality and regional departments dealing with tourism and research and teaching institutions.The Tourism Master's Programme is obviously directed towards handling tasks within the area of tourism, yet the general competences and concrete methods directed towards development and innovation will also be highly relevant within private and public organisations that work within related areas. Career examples of students obtaining a Tourism Master's Degree at Aalborg University:

  • Marketing manager, Visit Denmark
  • Project coordinator, Comwell
  • Event project manager, Skagen Tourist Office
  • Production Assistant, Ticket Office
  • Tourism Consultant, Bangladesh
  • Project coordinator, Visit North Jutland

Til arbejdsgiverne

I dette faktaark om kandidatuddannelsen i Turisme kan du se, hvad du som arbejdsgiver kan forvente af en kandidat fra uddannelsen, ligesom du kan se, hvor kandidaterne typisk bliver ansat.

Karrierevejledning på AAU

AAU Karriere giver sparring på din karriere. Mens du studerer på AAU, kan du deltage i karriere- og jobrelaterede arrangementer og booke karrierevejledningssamtaler til en snak om fx:

  • Ansøgning og cv
  • Praktik- og studiejobsøgning
  • Kompetencer – både de faglige og de mere personlige
  • Gode værktøjer til at finde rundt i dine karrieretanker
  • At få hul på jobsøgningen, inden du bliver færdiguddannet


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