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mød en dimmittend

mød en dimmittend

“The structure of the programme allowed me to tailor my education to my interests”

“I have a M.Sc. in Energy Engineering with a specialisation in Power Electronics and Drives, which was a naturally extension of my bachelor’s degree.

The study programme lived up to my expectations, because it is a more holistic approach to learning rather than hours of course work. Furthermore, the programme definitely prepared me for my future career. The hands-on experience and presence of companies like Vestas, Danfoss etc. within the department help to ease graduates into the industry. The structure of the programme allowed me to tailor my education to my interests rather than follow a set path as offered in other Universities.

AAU graduates are exposed to various opportunities and choices in a relaxed environment, which helps in the long run.

After my graduation, I worked in SWP in Denmark for 3-4 years. Currently I am working as a System Drive Controls Engineer mainly responsible for authoring and roll out of control software for GE Power Conversion in UK. I work on a myriad of projects ranging from marine and industry to renewables, mainly converter control.

Apart from the technical knowledge, the project based learning approach used in AAU also helps me develop skills in project management and problem solving. Also, apart from the technical knowledge, I would say that the most useful skill I have acquired from AAU is the ability to work in small and large teams to efficiently deliver to demands in the industry, as this is emphasised as part of the project-based learning system.”

Aravazhi Anbarasu, tidligere studerende på Energy Engineering med specialisering i Power Electronics and Drives