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Studerende fortæller

Studerende fortæller

“Being in a very international environment, there is a lot of opportunity to learn professionally and culturally”

“Having been exposed to the broad area of Electrical Engineering during my bachelor’s study in India, I was deeply fascinated by the content, scope and application of power electronics in renewable technologies. A deep understanding of power electronics require a good understanding of core areas of Electrical Engineering: machines, power systems, electronics, network analysis and control theory.

Denmark is setting a milestone on R&D of renewable energy technology, which is reflected in the ongoing research oriented activities at Aalborg University. With a close collaboration with companies, the professors here know the present loopholes in the existing systems leading to potential research on the problem and eventually the solution. The problem based learning and teamwork help in grooming ourselves to become employers/employees.

My present career dreams when I graduate is to continue with a Ph.D. to gain a still deeper understanding of the field. But if some other exciting opportunity knocks on the way, I would still like to consider it. I have been attending the career fairs organised by the department and the external organisations to gain insight about the potential employers’ needs, so that it gives me ample time to prepare for the skills before I start searching for the job.

The projects that I have worked on during my 1st and 2nd semester were pretty cool and exciting, providing a lot of opportunity to learn by analysing and doing. I am currently working on Smart Battery Management Systems used in electric vehicles. The main aim of the project is to increase the utilisation of batteries. It is very relevant in the present scenario, with a global increase in use of electric vehicles. The professors are very welcoming to the idea of proposing your own projects. As they are relaxed and comforting, you really don’t need to second-guess if you should get your queries clarified.

Being abroad for the first time, I have faced my share of difficulties in adjusting to the country. But when I think about the initial struggle, I think it was worth it. I am satisfied with the student life here. It’s less stressful because students don’t think about competition with others and instead focus more on collaboration.  Being in a very international environment, there is a lot of opportunity to learn professionally and culturally.

For the new students, if you are planning to come here, brace yourself with unexpected weather conditions which is definitely going to leave you confused most of the time. And though English is almost used widely here, it shouldn’t stop you from learning Danish.”

Radhika Sarda, studerende på Energy Engineering med specialisering i Power Electronics and Drives