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Building Energy Design, cand.tech.

Mød en dimittend

Mød en dimittend

 I wanted to continue my education and follow my professional interest towards sustainability, energy efficient design, and indoor environment

"After completing my bachelor in Building Technology and Construction Management (Constructing Architecture) from VIA UC Aarhus, I wanted to continue my education and follow my professional interest towards sustainability, energy efficient design, and indoor environment. Aalborg University is one of the only educational institutes in Denmark providing access to master degree educations in civil engineering specialties for graduates without an engineering background, which is why I opted for commuting between Aarhus, where I live, and Aalborg almost daily to participate in the classes and daily group work. I thoroughly enjoyed the university environment and while the program exceeded my expectations, it was also much more challenging than I could have anticipated. 

I believe that graduates from Aalborg University are more experienced in problem solving and problem based design, as well as group collaboration and project management. The competences I have acquired through the intense course work and daily study group interactions have improved my abilities to both work independently, and to successfully collaborate.

In fact, I enjoyed being at Aalborg University so much, that I was delighted to accept the Research Assistant’s position at the university I was offered shortly before graduating. My daily tasks currently include meetings and project work, where I assist my colleagues in various research and innovation projects, independent research work, and supervision. I feel very passionate about interacting with students and giving them my personal perspective on being a Building Energy Design student, as my class was the first ones to complete this program, and I find the process rewarding, whilst being able to continuously learn together with the students. Thus, I use the competences I have gained at Aalborg University to solve my daily tasks both directly and indirectly, for example, when I use the technical knowledge to advise my students and solve my project related tasks, or when I interact with the students, my colleagues, organize my own work schedule and manage my time. 

My current contract is time limited and I am still trying to decide whether I would like to continue in academia or transition back into working for the industry, because I can see myself doing both. Either way, I am excited about my career perspective, as I believe that graduating from Aalborg University with a Master of Science in Technology has opened up many different possibilities for a challenging and stimulating everyday working life."

Renate Skovgaard Møller, dimittend fra Building Energy Design, nu ansat på Aalborg Universitet