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mød en dimmittend

mød en dimmittend

“The most important and useful competences I have acquired during my studies are work-life balance, improved problem-solving skills and gaining a go-do-attitude”

“I was interested in expanding my knowledge within indoor climate and energy savings, and I had been researching this topic for two years prior to choosing this program. Ever since Rasmus (The programme director) came to present it at my previous university, I knew from that moment that I want to work with him and learn more about these topics from him. He and my parents were one of the main reasons for choosing this programme.

The programme met my expectation from day one. Working together with my colleagues and at the same time striving to learn about every topic within the program, were among my main drivers for finishing this education.

I can honestly say that the programme helped me understand the Danish working environment and prepare me for finding a position within the Danish work market. This is due to its strict focus on addressing problematic areas within the field of work. Moreover, it presents the opportunity for practical experience and sparring with some of the main consultancy companies within the sector. This programme taught me that everybody in the working environment should be treated in the same manner.

One of the main reasons that AAU has doubled its capacity in the last couple of years, is the possibility for students to easily put all their knowledge into practice. Once a specific lecture is given, it is followed up by calculations and practical testing. 

I currently work for VIKING LIFE-SAFETY EQUIPMENT Middle East. I am engaged with consulting VIKING LIFE-SAFETY EQUIPMENT Middle East in the construction process of their new premises in Dubai. The program helped me develop my problem-solving skills and maintain a balanced working style. I also strive to ensure that my client’s requirements are met. All previous studies and experience helped me adapt faster to the new culture, and help me in getting familiar with the project and my task faster.

Hence, the main advantage of AAU is that it prepared me fully for the working life. All the tasks that needed to be solved during my education helped me seamlessly transition into the working environment.

At this position everything comes down to making sure that the solution, which I am proposing, is economically feasible and can easily be executed. However, the climate difference is a big factor in the idea generation process for technical solutions. Coming from a cold climate – Denmark to a hot desert climate – Dubai has enabled me to apply a large part of my knowledge from the university and expand it even further.

The most important and useful competences I have acquired during my studies are work-life balance, improved problem-solving skills and gaining a go-do-attitude.

I see a big potential to develop in the Middle East and I will likely to try my chances, while I am still located here. However, my home is Denmark, so I would prefer to go back there and apply all my knowledge gained at my current position and at the university, to the Danish labor market. I see myself working in a close collaboration with clients and executing projects. My dream is to become a project manager within next 5 years.”

Viktoriya Georgieva, graduate from Building Energy Design, now Consulting Intern at Viking Life-Saving Equipment