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Search and metasearch

This course under the heading "Enterprise Information Search and Management" introduces methods for metasearch engine technology which deal with combining search and results from multiple search engines. The motivation is that even just a simple case of combining search results from web search and internal company search requires at least an algorithm for composing results. The course will go beyond this case and introduce a technology which is scalable to multiple search engines.

Specific topics covered by the course are:

  • Information search algorithms
  • Search engine selection
  • Search engine incorporation
  • Results composition


After having followed this course, the participants should be able to:

  • have knowledge about key concepts and techniques for search, search engine selection and results aggregation,
  • have knowledge about differences between search and metasearch,
  • be able to apply techniques for construction of enterprise information search system.


Seminar dates will be announced later.

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Search and metasearch, enkeltfag fra Master i IT, linjen Softwarekonstruktion, fagpakken Enterprise Information Search and Management


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