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Humans in the Loop! Creative Approaches for Human Robot Interaction Research

Lecture at MIL Seminar Friday September 7th 2018 by Elizabeth Jochum, Associate Professor at Aalborg University

Lagt online: 23.08.2018

(Photo Credit: BRIA)

Humans have a long history of interacting with machines and technologies. Today, we are on the cusp of a fourth industrial revolution: robots, AI, and machine learning are transforming labor practices and introducing automation to many areas of social and cultural life.

The technical and ethical challenges of designing and building automated systems to interact with humans in human-built environments require creative approaches and solutions.

From social robots to medical robots to robots on the factory floor, this talk introduces some of the challenges facing robotics, and presents novel methods that combine the arts and humanities research with computer science and engineering.

Elizabeth Jochum is a Associate Professor at Aalborg University. She is a part of RAPP Lab: Robots, Art, People & Performance and Co-Founder of Robots, Culture and Aesthetics (ROCA) at University of Copenhagen.