Studerende fortæller

Studerende fortæller

Eli Maria Stenseth, studerende på Energi, fortæller om uddannelsen

“Student life in Denmark is good, very student friendly, both concerning prices and opportunities.”

“I wanted to study Energy Engineering, but did not know what kind of specialisation. In my home country, the best university, most relevant one for me, has a five year integrated master programme, with less flexibility than here. So, due to the flexibility, good reputation, and the proximity to Norway, I chose to study in Aalborg.

The best things about this study programme are the semester projects. You get to influence what to focus on during the study period and you have frequent guidance meetings with the professors.

As we were learning about linear control theory, we built a control for a ball's position on a touch screen. It was a very good way to really understand the theory.

My current project is about renewable based distributed generation in medium voltage electrical distribution grids. It is interesting because we are able to work with the subjects we have conducted this semester,  that interest us the most, and because we are able to link theory to reality.

I am a national representative for Denmark in the European Energy Student Network. The university helped me get this position, by making it possible for me to conduct a semester abroad.

I want to continue studying, and I plan to take a master of science here, within Electrical Power Systems and High Voltage Engineering. Thereafter, I hope to work as an engineer in Norway, with something related to distribution and transmission.

Student life in Denmark is good, very student friendly, both concerning prices and opportunities. I am from Oslo, and as it is a bigger city, it is more diverse concerning student life. Less price friendly.

The best thing about studying at AAU is that I can influence my own learning, I have access to professors and there are a lot of good accommodation possibilities.

I would advise new students to get engaged in student activities and sports programmes. Explore the surrounding cities, especially Aarhus.”

Eli Maria Stenseth, studerende på Energi med specialisering i Elektrisk Energiteknik