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Teknologi - Production, analysis and testing of sustainable aviation fuels

Short description of the activities: Aviation is a very significant contributor to global CO2 emissions. Aircrafts are normally fueled by kerosene, a product from the distillation of fossil crude oil. A promising alternative is to produce fuels that are chemically equivalent to fossil jet-fuel, but which are derived from renewable sources. These “sustainable aviation fuels” (SAFs) are therefore carbon-neutral (or even carbon-negative) and they can represent a good way to reduce the environmental impact of such an important field as aviation.

During the visit, the attendants will discover how SAFs can be efficiently produced starting from virtually any kind of biomass feedstock (e.g. wood, algae, organic waste, etc.) by means of the “hydrothermal liquefaction” (HTL) process. The fundamentals of the process and the most advanced findings obtained by Aalborg University’s researcher will be explained, together with a visit to the available research facilities, including plants and measurement equipment. Moreover, attendants will determine the properties of samples from different produced SAFs and compare them with commercial jet-fuel, to evaluate similarities and differences.

Contents of the visit: Short lectures and short experiments or measurements on the produced bio-fuels. The visit could also involve a general tour of AAU Energy labs conducted by our student ambassadors.

Relevant subjects: Chemistry, physics, technology, biology.

Keywords: Sustainable fuels, hydrothermal liquefaction, hydro processing, sewage sludge.

Expected level: HTX or 3.g. Chemistry/Physics at A-level.

Preparation: According to the specific aspects to be treated, some material (readings, websites, videos) will be made available in advance.

Outcome: Understanding the concept of sustainability and carbon-neutrality for fuels. Understanding the basic properties of a fuel, their technological relevance and how to determine them.

Max. number of attendants: 6-8 (it can be arranged).

Time of the visit: To be arranged with the organizer.

Duration of the visit: Around 1 day (to be arranged).

Meeting place: Pontoppidanstræde 111, 9220 Aalborg Øst.

Contact person: gymnasieportalen@adm.aau.dk, Daniele Castello, AAU Energy.

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