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Teknologi - Music Technology

Brief description of the activity: Music is everywhere and nearly everyone has a favorite song, that they can listen to day after day. Companies such as Apple, Google, and Spotify know this, and so they have spent a great deal of time and effort on developing intelligent systems capable of creating playlists tailored to one’s mood, interests and daily activities. But how do these technologies really work? What sort of algorithms can be used to analyze music? Can such technologies even be used to create new music?

Nature of the visit: A visit can consist of three parts: (1) a lecture on various music technologies and how these can be used to better understand music and why we like it; (2) a hands-on workshop involving use of various technologies to analyze and generate music; (3) a discussion round concerning the importance to society of interdisciplinary work involving the humanities and sciences. The exact nature of a visit can be adapted to suit the needs or wishes of the participating class.

Academic relevance: Technology, Computer Science, Mathematics, Communication / IT

Keywords: music, technology, artificial intelligence, algorithms, creativity

Expected level: Can accommodate all grade levels in high school

Preparation: No preparation is required, but reading material and relevant videos can be provided based on the needs or wishes of the class.

Outcome: This depends on the nature of the requested visit, but all students will gain an understanding of various music technologies and how these can be used in service to society and to better our understanding of ourselves. In the workshop, students will gain an understanding of how to use some of these technologies and how they might develop such technologies themselves in future education.

Max. number of people: A visit can accommodate just about any number of students, however, a minimum of 10 is suggested with no more than 30 for the workshop.

Times of visit: Agreed with the contact person.

Duration of the visit: 4 hours. Can be followed by assignments for the students to complete.

Meeting place: Agreed with contact person.

Language: English

Contact person: Gymnasieportalen@adm.aau.dk - Associate Professor David Meredith, Section for Media Technology

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