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Teknologi - Build your own Display – Prototyping displays based on electrochromic inks

Kort beskrivelse af aktiviteten: A hands-on introduction to the fabrication of flexible, transparent free-form displays based on electrochromism for an audience with a variety of backgrounds, including artists and designers with no prior knowledge of physical prototyping. Besides prototyping using an easy assembly process, participants will learn essentials for designing and prototyping of extremely energy efficient and transparent interactive graphics.

Karakter af besøgets indhold: The course will be held as a mixture of brief theoretical and interactive lectures interleaved with individually guided exercises. First, we will introduce the working principles of electrochromic displays, then move to a short ideation session in which the participants will develop low fidelity versions of the prototypes they want to design. Afterwards we will introduce the assembly process and the participants will build a display with a premade design. Afterwards the participants can design their own displays supported by the instructors and assemble it. Furthermore, these displays can also be tested and controlled using and Arduino.

Faglig relevans: Communication/IT, Technology, Design

Nøgleord: Prototyping, Displays, Interaction Design, Printed Electronics

Forventet niveau: All levels of Gymnasium are fine

Forberedelse: No specific preparation is needed. But can be adapted to the individual group with e.g., background reading material.

Udbytte: Students will get an understanding of different prototyping strategies and techniques. The students will learn about the basic chemical redox reactions of electrochromic inks. And if needed we can introduce basics of Arduino.

Maks. antal personer: between 10 -25 participants.

Tidspunkter for besøget:  Aftales med kontaktperson.

Besøgets varighed: Half day – however can be extended with more electronical prototyping (e.g. Arduino) to a full day activity.

Mødested: Aftales med kontaktperson.

Kontaktperson: gymnasieportalen@adm.aau.dk - Associate Professor Markus Löchtefeld, Media Technology,

Detaljeret beskrivelse / Bilag: This offer is part of a project funded by the European Union. More information can be found here: https://decochrom.com/

The overall basic working and design principles are described here: https://www.hindawi.com/journals/ahci/2019/1340182/

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