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Økonomi - The economy as a circuit

Kort beskrivelse af aktiviteten: The talk will discuss how the economy can be represented as a circuit with different sectors interacting together. Starting with a simple circuit using 3 agents (banks, firms, households) associated with 3 basic economic functions (finance, production, consumption) we will show how the economy is an interdependent system of actors. We will show how the multiplier emerges visually in the circuit and how it can be calculated. Depending on time, we will extend the circuit to incorporate the Government and the rest of the world.

Karakter af besøgets indhold: The activity is planned as a short lecture (45 minutes) after which students can ask questions about the content of the lecture and what they can find about this topic if they decide to study economics at AAU.

Faglig relevans: Socialscience, economics.

Nøgleord: Macroeconomics, economic circuit

Forventet niveau: The talk will be conceptual – no prior knowledge about economics is required. Anyone interested in the topic could attend and understand the main ideas presented. The maths will be adapted to the level of the audience.

Forberedelse: No particular preparation is expected from the students, although relevant material can be shared beforehand (a book chapter for instance).

Maks. antal personer: To be agreed with the contact person.

Tidspunkter for besøget: To be agreed with the contact person.

Besøgets varighed: 1-2 timer.

Mødested: To be agreed with the contact person.

Kontaktperson: gymnasieportalen@adm.aau.dk - Thibault Laurentjoye, adjunkt, AAU Business School.

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