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Fysik - Electrochemical conversion – Fuel cells and Electrolyzers


Kort beskrivelse af aktiviteten: Laboratory sessions to familiarize with the electrochemical devices of future energy systems and their characterization techniques.

Karakter af besøgets indhold: Experiments, lab tour, lectures. The visit could involve a general tour in the labs of Department of Energy Technology conducted by our decentralized study advisors.

Faglig relevans: Physics, Kemi, Technology, Technical topics, Innovation.

Nøgleord: Renewable energy sources, fuel cell, electrolyzer, hydrogen economy, electrochemistry, methanol.

Forventet niveau: HTX or 3.g. Chemistry/Physics at A-level.

Forberedelse: Read basics of electrochemistry, we can provide notes.

Udbytte: Data material from fuel cells or electrolysers to be post-processed.

Maks. antal personer: 16 persons.

Tidspunkter for besøget: To be arranged with the contact person.

Besøgets varighed: Either a half or a whole day – to be planned with the contact person.

Mødested: To be arranged with the contact person

Kontaktperson: gymnasieportalen@adm.aau.dk  Simon Lennart Sahlin, AAU Energi

Detaljeret beskrivelse / Bilag: The description of the lab exercises is given in separate files.

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