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Biologi - Measuring pedaling efficiency of a cyclist


Kort beskrivelse af aktiviteten: Students can measure the power output or a cyclist at different cadences and resistances. This can be used to e.g. find the optimal gear ratio for commuters or professional cyclists. The data can also be combined with information about the subject age, gender or physical fitness to see the differences in the population.

Karakter af besøgets indhold: Experimental measurements.

Faglig relevans: Physics, Biology, Technology in general.

Nøgleord: Energy balances, mechanical aspects, electrical measurements of power.

Forventet niveau: 2.g and 3.g., HTX.

Forberedelse: Guidelines for preparation can be acquired from the contact person.

Udbytte: The students will have data from the measurements for post-analysis at the school.

Maks. antal personer: Max. 15 persons.

Tidspunkter for besøget: To be determined in collaboration with the contact person.

Besøgets varighed: Half a day.

Mødested: Pontoppidanstræde 111, 9220 Aalborg.

Kontaktperson: gymnasieportalen@adm.aau.dk  Szymon Bęczkowski, AAU Energi

Detaljeret beskrivelse / Bilag: Can be obtained from the contact person upon interest.

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