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PhD defense by Mohammad Shahabeddini Parizi

PhD defense by Mohammad Shahabeddini Parizi

A Methodology to Guide and facilitate Collaboration in Network Based Strategic Automation


29.04.2020 kl. 10.00 - 13.00


The PhD defense will be streamed live on Youtube here


Implementation of the automation concepts in manufacturing Small and Medium sized Enterprises (SMEs), requires significant effort due to their limited resources such as limited know-how of automation and digitalization, lacking access to proven and well-matched solutions and lacking a structured process for automation training. That is why active collaboration through networks has received more attention by companies, where they complement their own resources with resources and competencies available in the network. However, many aspects of inter-organizational collaboration have not yet explored. Therefore, this research aims at filling this gap by providing a study to review and improve the way companies work together in automation and digitalization projects.

This study focuses on buyer-supplier collaboration between manufacturing SMEs and other stakeholders and aiming at facilitating collaboration in automation and digitalization decisions. The empirical work is based on qualitative research combined with literature study and action research elements. The cases for the study were selected among Danish firms.

Based on a behavioural analysis of buyer and suppliers at different collaboration stages, this research maps the development of buyer-supplier collaboration in automation and digitalization decisions and proposed the Inhancer circular process model. This model provides a modular structure to facilitate integration in buyer-supplier collaboration in automation practices. Furthermore, this study focused on the implementation and validation of a digitalized platform based on the developed model.

This research both contributes to academic and practice. On the academic side, it offers three types of conceptual contributions: 1. Extend complex buyer-supplier collaboration literature by the circular automation business assessment process model, 2. Broadens the current knowledge-based view by identifying the process domains of business assessment process model at inter-organizational level, and 3. Address the gap between literature and industrial practices within the context of this research and based on the selected case studies, yet, further studies could assess the external validity of our model by testing it in different industry settings and regions. On the practical side, this study helps to understand the drivers of inter-organizational collaboration by suggesting insights into the behaviour parameters and influential aspects in buyer-supplier collaboration development such as Knowledge Transfer among collaborators, Trust, and commitment, Communication and pattern of interaction. Furthermore, the results of this research contribute to the business success of stakeholders.

Assessment Committee:       

  • Associate Professor, Rikke Vestergaard Matthiesen (chairman), Department of Materials and Production, Aalborg University, Denmark
  • Associate Professor Magnus Persson, Department of Technology Management Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden  
  • Professor Juliana Hsuan. Operations and Innovation Management, Copenhagen Business School, Denmark  


  • Associate professor Poul Henrik Kyvsgaard Hansen, Department of Materials and Production, Aalborg University


  • Ole Madsen, Professor, Department of Materials and Production, Aalborg University
  • Associate professor Simon Bøgh, Department of Materials and Production, Aalborg University

The PhD defense will be hosted by Moderator Rikke Vestergaard Matthiesen.The lecture constitutes a 45 minutes presentation by Mohammad S. Parizi followed by a short break and a discussion session with questions from the opponents and the auditorium.




Department of Materials and Production

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