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PhD defense: Electronic and optical properties of graphene and other 2D materials

Invitation to PhD defense by René Petersen


07.12.2017 kl. 13.00 - 07.12.2017 kl. 16.00



Ever since the discovery of graphene kick started the field of 2D materials in 2004, many more 2D materials have been discovered and investigated for possible uses in electronic and optical applications. In this PhD project the optical response of graphene, hexagonal boron nitride (hBN), MoS2 and black phosphorus (BP) has been determined using linear response theory starting from tight binding and density functional theory based calculations of the electronic structure. Subsequently, the calculated response is used to determine the optical properties of metamaterials made from layered graphene and hBN as well as the properties of plasmons in doped and optically pumped graphene, MoS2 and BP. Metamaterials consisting of graphene and hBN exhibit so called hyperbolic dispersion at frequencies where the graphene and hBN sheets are respectively metallic and dielectric. In such materials the photonic density of states is strongly enhanced resulting in huge decay rates of a nearby oscillating dipole, an effect called the Purcell effect. Hyperbolic materials may be found also naturally occurring. In fact, graphite is hyperbolic in the UV and the near-IR. In this presentation the results of a thorough search for such naturally occurring hyperbolic materials will also be given. Finally, an investigation of the bandgap scaling in bilayer graphene antidot lattices (GALs) has been conducted. GALs were suggested in 2008 as a way of turning graphene semiconducting, but most work was done on monolayer graphene. In this PhD it is shown that bilayer GALs exhibit bandgap scaling different from that of monolayer GALs.

Assessment Committee:  

Associate Professor Thomas Søndergaard, (chairman)
Aalborg University, Denmark

Dr. Alexey Yu Nikitin,
CIC NanoGUNE, Spain

Associate Professor Georg M. Bruun,
Aarhus University, Denmark


Professor Thomas Garm Pedersen
Aalborg University, Denmark

The PhD defense will be hosted by Associate Professor Vladimir Popok. The lecture constitutes a 45 minutes presentation by René Petersen followed by a short break and a discussion session with questions from the opponents and the auditorium.

After the defense, the Department of Materials and Production will welcome all to a reception. 


Auditorium 5.018, Skjernvej 4A, Aalborg

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