PHD Defence by Yana Konstantinova Ramsheva

Industrial symbiosis for a low carbon economy: Learnings from the cement industry


04.05.2021 kl. 13.00 - 16.00


Through studying the cement industry, this dissertation aims to further academic knowledge and public awareness on how industries could reach carbon neutrality. The environmental impact of the construction sector is growing due to rising population and urbanisation. Cement is a widely used building material due to its performance, cost, and availability, but its production process is highly energy intensive and emits vast amounts of greenhouse gases. The sector faces major challenges with meeting the climate target of the European Union (EU) on reaching carbon neutrality by 2050. Industrial symbiosis is considered central for transitioning industries towards a low carbon economy.

Industrial symbiosis is about establishing partnerships for the exchange of diverse waste, by-products and information between industries. Today, industrial symbiosis between cement producers and other industries contributes to the reduction of waste and greenhouse gas emissions. Such cross-sector partnerships are widely seen as a prime facilitator for circular economy, which as a development strategy has the potential to decarbonize the industry. Thus, understanding the role of industrial symbiosis in the cement industry may help to unveil knowledge on how to transition towards a low carbon economy, in cement production as well as in other industries.

Building on the five studies, a diversified understanding is presented of value potentials, assessment of legal and economic constraints as well as a conceptualization of trust as a prerequisite of industrial symbioses. In this way, the need for collaboration across the value chain on a ‘system’ level is both conceptualized and exemplified.


Senior Lecturer Murat Mirata | Environmental Technology and Management (ETM), Sweden
Professor Jenny Palm | Lund University, Sweden
Associate Professor Carla Smink (Chair) | Department of Planning, Aalborg University, Denmark


Main supervisor Professor Arne Remmen | Department of Planning, AAU, Denmark
Co-supervisor Professor MSO Brian Vejrum Wæhrens | Department of Materials and Production, AAU, Denmark
Co-supervisor Associate professor Rebeka Kovačič Lukman | Faculty of Logistics , University of Maribor, Slovenija


Associate Professor Mette Alberg Mosgaard | Department of Planning, AAU, DK


Department of Planning


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