PHD Defence by Jeppe Eriksen

Purpose, functionality and reconceptualisation of Patient-reported outcome (PRO) – a patient participation perspective


15.12.2021 kl. 13.00 - 16.00


Background and objectives: Patient-reported outcomes (PROs) have transformed from merely being paper-based questionnaires used for drug testing and research to increasingly being applied within clinical practice through digital solutions. With the integration of PROs in the complex context of clinical practice, different perceptions, purposes and functionalities of PROs have emerged. Hence, this PhD project a) examines the purpose and functionality of PROs on national and international levels when digitalised and as part of clinical practice; b) scrutinize the association between PROs and patient participation in chronic care; c) identify the elements constituting a PRO in clinical practice and d) study how newly diagnosed citizens with type 2 diabetes experience the use of PRO questionnaires and PRO data in a municipal setting.

Findings: First, based on literature studies, ethnographic fieldwork and expert interviews, PROs have various purposes and functionalities when digitalised and applied as part of clinical practice. Accordingly, 5 overall purposes and 33 functionalities are identified. Second, a scoping review indicates that the association between a PRO and patient participation in chronic care is dialectic and concerns the development process; the completion of the questionnaires, communication and decision-making during the consultation; the display of data; SDM; empowerment and selfmanagement. The association is affected by organisational and attitudinal factors. Third, the concept map, PRO Elements, identify eight main elements that constitute a PRO in clinical practice, categorised as validated questionnaires, developers, content, measure, mediation, respondent, data and outcome. Fourth, in a municipal setting newly diagnosed citizens with type 2 diabetes consider the national PRO questionnaire as a beneficial solution; however, the questionnaire requires modification to match the needs of this particular group.


Associate Professor Sylvia Pelayo | University of Lille, France
Associate Professor Elia Gabarron | Østfold University College, Norway
Associate Professor Kasper Trolle Elmholdt (Chair) | Dept. of Politics and Society , AAU, DK

Main supervisor Associate Professor Pernille Bertelsen | Department of Planning, AAU, DK
Co-supervisor Professor Ann Kathrin Meilandt Bygholm | Department of Communication and Psychology , AAU, DK

Professor Christian Nøhr | Department of Planning, AAU, DK


Department of Planning


AAU, Rendsburggade 14, 9000 Aalborg, room: 3.329 and online via Zoom

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