PhD Defence by Imranul Hoque

Title of the lecture: COVID-19 and New Demands on Suppliers’ Capabilities and Performance: Reflecting on the New Realities of Sourcing Affected by the COVID-19 Global Pandemic and Discussing what Demands these New Realities Put on the Garment Suppliers in Bangladesh and other SouthEast Asian Markets. NB. Due to the Covid-19 situation the thesis will be defended digitally via Zoom.


03.12.2020 kl. 10.00 - 13.00


Title of the thesis: Supplier's Capabilities and Performance Improvement in Buyer-Supplier Relationships: A Study of the Garment Industry of Bangladesh 

Imranul HoqueSummary

Imranul’s thesis investigates how buyer-supplier relational dynamics affect the capability development and performance improvement of garment suppliers. The findings of his study demonstrate that buyer-supplier relationship types and governance do affect suppliers’ heterogenous capability development and performance improvement. His study also shows that buyer-supplier relationships, working environment, and organizational performance are linked and affect each other, while a buyer’s business model influences the relationship types and governance. 


09:40: Pre-meeting, assessment committee, moderator

10:00: Welcome by Moderator

10:05: PhD presentation (40 min)

10.45: Break

11:00: Opponents examination

12:30: Questions from the audience

13.00: End of defence

Members of the assessment committee

  • Associate Professor Dmitrij Slepniov, Aalborg University Business School (chair)
  • Associate Professor, Md Yunus Ali, Monash University, Malaysia Campus
  • Senior Lecturer, Jiajia Liu, University of Huddersfield


Associate Professor Mohammad Bakhtiar Rana, Aalborg University Business School


Professor Peter Hasle, The University of Southern Denmark


Professor, Head of Aalborg University Business School Christian Nielsen

How to participate

Due to the Covid-19 situation the thesis will be defended digitally via Zoom. Please click here to participate.

Meeting ID: 633 4166 0461
Passcode: 747464

Be aware that you must be muted during the whole defence, also your camera must be off.

Please be present at least 15 minutes before the defence begins. The channel opens at 09:30.

Participants will during the first break email their questions to Christian Nielsen:
If there are no questions, the assessment committee joins in another ”meeting” and evaluates. Participants stay in the “Defence meeting” and wait for the assessment committee to join the “Defence meeting” again.




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