Ph.D. Defense by Marius Aliuskevicius

Marius Aliuskevicius will defend his Ph.D. thesis "The influence of ibuprofen on the healing of Colles´ fracture"


21.05.2021 kl. 13.00 - 16.00



13.00 Opening by the Moderator Sten Rasmussen
13.05 PhD lecture by Marius Aliuskevicius
13.50 Break
14.00 Questions and comments from the Committee
          Questions and comments from the audience at the Moderator’s discretion
16.00 Conclusion of the session by the Moderator


The Faculty Council has appointed the following adjudication committee to evaluate the thesis and the associated lecture: 

Professor Ph.D. J. Mark Wilkinson, University of Sheffield

Professor Dr. Med. Torben Bæk-Hansen, Holstebro


Thomas Jakobsen, Aalborg Universitetshospital


Dr. Sten Rasmussen, Aalborg Universitet


It is believed that non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs slow bone healing, but the knowledge is based only on experimental studies with animals or retrospective human studies, whose results are automatically translated into clinical praxis. Many patients must, therefore, dispense with the previous so popular analgesics.

The purpose is to examine the all-sided effect of ibuprofen for patients with Colles’ fracture: radiological bone fragment migration, influence on wrist function, the mineral density of distal radius, influence on changes in bone remodeling and resorption biomarkers, histological changes in healing bones tissue. The purpose is also to investigate a pain-relieving and opioid-sparing effect of ibuprofen.

The thesis is based on the randomized controlled trial. The central hypothesis was that ibuprofen is non-inferior to paracetamol and placebo regarding outcomes mentioned above, and is superior in terms of pain relief and opioid-sparing effect.

Patients with displaced Colles’ fracture, before conservative or surgical treatment, were randomly assigned to seven days or three days ibuprofen or placebo treatment with subsequent one years’ follow-up.

In conclusion, treatment with ibuprofen in the acute phase was not inferior concerning the radiological, functional, densitometrical, biochemical, and histomorphometrical outcomes. Ibuprofen treatment demonstrated better pain relief for conservatively treated patients and a tramadol-sparing effect for surgically treated patients.

The findings of the study offer an indication for ibuprofen as a bone-neutral analgesic treatment after Colles’ fracture and may be translated into other fields of orthopedics and traumatology for treatment of cancellous bone fractures. 


Department of Health Science and Technology


Ph.D. Defense take place via Zoom.

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