The goal of PBL 2021 online conference is to challenge, transform and expand current practices through the lenses of envisioned future hybrid learning models and environments for engaging students.


17.08.2021 kl. 14.00 - 19.08.2021 kl. 14.00


While PBL and active learning methods have become mainstream pedagogies in many institutions, two emerging trends invite us to challenge, develop and expand these frameworks.

One emerging trend is to integrate digital technologies in and across the disciplines to support students’ problem and project-based learning.

The other is to re-think the entire curriculum, rather than changing only single courses.

These trends could potentially trigger the design and development of entirely new types of hybrid, active and problem-based learning models and environments. For example, PBL designs that:

Merge online and offline activities and spaces.
Explore new types of collaborative engagements that go beyond the boundaries of a single group and engage students in complex networks of collaboration.
Works across geographical, institutional and disciplinary boundaries to engage students with complex real-world problems or grand challenges, such as sustainable development, poverty, climate or social justice.

These are visions of future PBL models that explore ‘hybridity’ across different dimensions, such as online/offline, disciplinary/interdisciplinary, local/global, small-group/complex network.

Secondly, they are visions of PBL models that move beyond a narrow focus on disciplinary competences and employability towards an aim of engaging students as critical learners and change agents who develop the competences to actively participate and function in an increasingly complex, global and network-based society.

They are visions of models that seek to harness the opportunities afforded by digital technologies, while remaining firmly grounded in a commitment to students’ mutual learning, sensemaking and collaborative engagement; and no less important, that promote engagement with grand challenges such as sustainable development, social justice and equity.

The goal of PBL2021 international conference is to challenge, develop and expand current practices through the lenses of envisioned future hybrid PBL models and environments for engaging students. To encourage authors and participants not only to account for the existing, but to engage in collective visions of the future. At the PBL2021 conference we wish ask not only ‘how-to’, but ‘where-to’.

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Aalborg University and the PAN PBL Association


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