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Invitation to workshop on 'Gramsci Today. Understanding a world in crisis’

Invitation to workshop on 'Gramsci Today. Understanding a world in crisis’

The workshop is open for all interested!


27.09.2018 kl. 09.30 - 27.09.2018 kl. 15.30


The relevance of Gramsci (as well as post-Gramscian and neo-Gramscian theories) has been revitalized in order to account for the economic and financial crisis in 2007-08 and, more generally, the multiplicity of crises within that crisis. The theoretical and methodological framework developed by Gramsci offers an attractive way to think about different disciplines and phenomena such as international relations, migration, decoloniality, civil society movements and political change in the light of the crises. Gramscian concepts such as hegemony, war of position/war of manoeuvre, historical bloc, and organic crisis offer an intellectual and academic realm to approach changing realities. It reflects, on the one hand, the relevance of Gramsci’s work and, on the other, the way in which the Gramscian approaches have adapted his though to current issues. The purpose of the workshop is to search for ways to develop the Gramscian theoretical framework and its application to social and political sciences and international relations. The aim is to strengthen interdisciplinary cooperation within the department (with researchers already working on Gramsci or those who could be interested in it) and with well-known international scholars.  

Confirmed speakers

Miguel Mellino (Università degli Studi di Napoli L'Orientale)

David Featherstone (University of Glasgow)

Malayna Raftopoulos (Aalborg University) and Michela Coletta (University of Warwick)

Óscar García Agustín (Aalborg University) and Martin Bak Jørgensen (Aalborg University)

Li Xing (Aalborg University)

Susi Meret (Aalborg University



DIR - Research Center on Development and International Relations, Department of Culture and Global Studies, Aalborg University


Kroghstræde 3, room 5.149, 9220 Aalborg East

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24.09.2018 kl. 12.00

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