Game Hub ONLINE Workshop: Idea generation & creative collaboration

Game Hub ONLINE Workshop: Idea generation & creative collaboration


08.10.2020 kl. 16.30 - 19.30


The workshop is now virtual via Zoom. Registered attendees will receive a link on the workshop day via e-mail.

This workshop will give you the tools necessary for reflecting and improving on your creative and collaborative processes. The first part of the workshop will teach you idea generation frameworks that help writers create in a structured and methodical way. Then, we will spend some time on how “improv” tools can be extremely useful when approaching collaboration. Lastly, the workshop will delve into tools that can help you flesh out your world, writing and characters.

Why producers should take this course:
Learn tools that can help make collaboration smoother.

Why writers should take this course: 
Learn tools that will help you generate and flesh out ideas.

Why programmers should take this course:
Smooth collaboration springs from understanding, this is a good opportunity to gain an understanding on how writers and producers think.


About clive ruder:

Clive has several years of experience teaching creative writing and improvisational theater. He recently made the jump into game-writing with the critically well-received game, Lightmatter. Since then, he has taught animation directors at the National Film School of Denmark, helped several indie studios flesh out their game worlds and ideas,  and is currently working together with industry veterans who have worked at Disney, Pixar and Activision/Blizzard.



Date is October 8th 2020 from 16:30 to 19:30

The workshop is now virtual via Zoom. The registered attendees will receive an invite for the Zoom meeting on the day of the workshop - Clive is excited to facilitate it online!



There are limited seats for this workshop as we want to enable Clive Ruder to interact with the majority of participants. So be quick to sign up and get your spot for a valuable tool to mitigate the struggles in the game industry.



Remember to sign up for the event to get a spot. Participation is FREE :) 

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