Game Hub: Road To Funding - Bootstrapping 101 (ONLINE)

Game Hub: Road To Funding - Bootstrapping 101 (ONLINE)

So you wanna build an indie game company, but you don't have wealthy parents or an investor lined up to finance you from day 1? You're in luck. Bootstrapping 101 is your guide on how to survive the indie game industry, get to be creative and give you some tools to get by while working on getting your first big hit out. The event will be an honest look into the industry, what it takes to get by, what it's like to start your own company and just some common sense real life advice from experience.


14.12.2021 kl. 16.30 - 18.00



Speaker bio

Dario Rahimic is a Co-Founder and Designer at Chop Chop Games. He's been working in the industry for 4 years, working on multiple projects both inhouse and co-productions and is part of managing Chop Chop Games.

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