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Final Seminar for the research project 'Artist-Led learning in Higher Education'

During the project period 2018-2021 the Artist Led Learning Project (ALL) has developed an experimental framework for arts-based teaching methods in non-artistic higher education. This is the final workshop for the project that has gained funding from Erasmus+ Programme.


14.12.2021 kl. 10.00 - 16.00


Workshop Programme

10.00-10.30  Welcome from Lead Partner
10.30-11.00  Polyphonic keynote by ALL
11.00-11.20  Debriefing ALL

11.20-11.30  Break

11.30-13.00  Workshop round 1 *

13.00-13.30  Lunch and networking

13.30-15.00  Workshop round 2 *

15.00-15.10  Break

15.10-15.40  Work demonstration
15.40-16.00  Closing and til soon

* Partner institutions will showcase their arts-based work and methodologies in hands-on workshops and presentations

• Workshop: affects, transformations and the artists’ voices
• Workshop: the artist/educator alliance
• Workshop: community and collective learning
• Workshop: performance and performativity

Participation is for free but requires registration (light refreshments will be available).

Please register for two afternoon workshops

Deadline for registration 6 December 2021.


Information about the workshops

The workshops will have different formats (hands-on, digital, media) and will disseminate the ways in
which artistic forms can be used in higher educational non-artistic programmes. Participants will gain
knowledge, fun, tools, network to other artist-led practitioners.

Workshop 1: Affects, Transformations and the Artists’ Voices

Digging emergency holes near the gate: A zine about our practice

Alison Laurie Neilson & Andrea Inocêncio, Portugal

Gothic pedagogy

Glenn-Egil Torgersen, Herner Saeverot & Kristian Firing, Norway

Workshop 2: The Artist - Educator Alliance

Artist-led learning in embodied writing workshops

Tatiana Chemi & Pierangelo Pompa, Denmark

Arts-based methods at The Royal Norwegian Air Force Academy: A journey of stress, growth and love

Kristian Firing, Glenn-Egil Torgersen & Herner Saeverot, Norway

Workshop 3: Community and Collective Learning

Towards transprofessionalism: Artists in higher education

Allan Owens, UK, Anne Pässilä, Finland

Nick Ponsillo, Monica Biagioli & Charlotte Cunningham UK

Meaning making through artistic interventions: An aesthetic approach

Federica De Molli & Chiara Paolino, Italy

Workshop 4: Performance and Performativity

From simulation to dissimulation: Exploring the dark side of ALL

Catherine Morel and Philippe Mairesse, France

Performative inquiry: To enhance language learning

Rannveig Björk Thorkelsdóttir & Jóna Guðrún Jónsdóttir, Iceland

More information

Please contact the event organisers if you have any questions:
Jeanette Arboe or Tatiana Chemi


Aalborg University, Kroghstræde 3 9220 Aalborg

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