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Digital Research in the Humanities - Ethical issues and legislation

DIGETIK inviterer til endagsseminar under overskriften ”Digital Research in the Humanities: Ethical issues and legislation”.


21.11.2017 kl. 10.00 - 16.00


Are you working with digital material in your research project? And are you pondering the matter of how you should handle the ethical and legal dimensions of your research? Are you in doubt about whether or not you are doing “the right thing” in terms of ethics and law? And how about ethics in relation to Danish and European legislation? Are you curious about how other researchers in somehow similar research projects do and think about these issues in relation to their research?  Then this research seminar (embedded PhD course) is for you!

Program og online-tilmelding findes her: http://digitalsociety.dk/event/seminar-digital-research/  


DIGETIK is a forum consisting of information on ethical challenges in digital research within the humanities and social sciences.

The vast majority of humanities scholars use digital technologies in relation to their research activities. Be it as archival or data collection tools, publishing channels, research objects, or communications platforms. This usage of digital technologies leads to various ethical considerations – and existing guidelines are not necessarily useful in their current form.

Examples of new ethical questions and challenges related to digital research could be protection of research participants’ privacy, issues related to the distinction between what is perceived as private and public, how or when to obtain informed consent, how to present data associated with publishing, how to store data, how to share data or research results with other researchers, copy right regulations. 

DIGETIK organizes seminars and provides information on digital ethics and best practice in digital research. https://dighumlab.org/communities/#digetik




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