Annual Transdisciplinary Winter School “Culture, Psychology & Qualitative Research” 2021

Annual Transdisciplinary Winter School “Culture, Psychology & Qualitative Research” 2021

Topic: “Qualitative Research Beyond the Interview”.


11.02.2021 - 12.02.2021


Photo: "Open source free culture creative commons culture pioneers" by Sweet Chili Arts is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

This two-day online course provides an introduction to state-of-the art qualitative methods addressing innovative fields of inquiry including various approaches to online research and video-analysis. The course is located broadly in the field of Discursive Psychology, Cultural Psychology and Applied Linguistic, but takes an inter- and trans-disciplinary perspective and is open to PhD students from various disciplinaries interested in the topic. The course consists of a blend of lectures, practical data sessions and individual consultations with the participants. It will provide the participants both with theoretical background knowledge as well as first hands-on practical training in various methodological approaches. A general knowledge of qualitative research will be helpful but is not required.


Prof. Brendan Gough, Leeds Beckett University, UK
Prof. Dr. Alexandra Georgakopoulou-Nunes, King's College London, UK
Prof. Pirkko Raudaskoski, Aalborg Unviersity, DK

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This workshop is funded by the Doctoral School of the Humanities at Aalborg University.


Main organizers: Assoc. Prof. Carolin Demuth, Aalborg University, Dept. Communication & Psychology, Centre for Qualitative Studies/Centre for Cultural Psychology and Prof. Meike Watzlawik, Sigmund Freud University Berlin



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