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"Worldlying" the School: Perspectivism and Affective Semiosis in the Scientific Teaching/Learning

The Centre for Cultural Psychology, Department of Communication and Psychology, is happy to invite you to the international workshop "Worldlying” the School: Perspectivism and Affective Semiosis in the Scientific Teaching/Learning.


23.02.2018 kl. 10.00 - 23.02.2018 kl. 16.00


(Painting: John Gast: American Progress, 1872)

The aim of the workshop is to share ideas about the psycho-social processes, value systems, practices and ideologies at stake in contexts that present a polyphony of perspectives. Schooling is considered one of the most relevant dimensions of ontogenetic and sociogenetic development. There are a number of international programmes aimed at supporting developing countries through extensive activities, for instance, of literacy and numeracy. Yet some people have questioned the universal validity of mainstream schooling models and educational ideologies. The form of education as we know it today is considered by some as an act of dominance by liberalist colonial civilization over native cultures, that are pointed out as backwards and superstitious. For instance, one of the allegations is that the current educational ideology would be disrespectful of the alternative value systems and would contribute to the impoverishment of cultural diversity around the world. Besides, the primacy and function of science teaching (STEM) in current educational mainstream would promote a kind of instrumental and domination relationship between humans and nature, which is not recognised by non-Whestern native cultures. Finally, the struggle between dominant and dominated languages, where students of different cultures meet, becomes a double-edged blade that can either foster integration or threaten identities.

Schooling is thus one of the most relevant arenas in which social sciences at large, and cultural psychology in particular, can learn to deal with the theoretical and methodological issues related to multi-perspectivism. During the workshop, we will try to reflect upon the best methodologies to approach these issues, starting by experiencing a collective activity – to watch and to work on the documentary ‘Schooling the World’ – and share different researches around the world. We will try to develop new theoretical and methodological ideas about the way to “worldly” the school: that is, both to bring the variety of multiple human perspectives into the school and to bring back schooling to the reality of this varied world.



10.00: Opening and Brief introduction by Danilo Guimaraes and Luca Tateo

10.30: Screening of the Documentary ‘Schooling the World’ (2010), director Carol Black, and analysis task.

11.45: Coffee Break

12.15: General Discussion

13.00: Lunch Break

13.30: Sharing research experiences about schooling around the world. Participants:

Birgitte Bjerg Larsen, Sprogcenter Aalborg, Denmark
Paula Cavada, AAU, Denmark
Danilo Guimarães, University of Sao Paulo, Brazil
Marc Higgins, University of Alberta, Canada
Mogens Jensen, AAU, Denmark
Noomi Matthiesen, AAU, Denmark
He Min, East China Normal University, China
Kathrin Otrel-Cass, AAU, Denmark
Hanne B. Søndergaard Knudsen, AAU, Denmark
Maja Wenderlich, Academy of Special Education in Warsaw, Poland

15.30: Wrap-up Session led by Pina Marsico, Danilo Guimarães and Luca Tateo


How to Participate

Anyone is warmly invited to join the discussion. Students of professional programmes, PhD students and early-stage researchers are especially welcome to participate. You are kindly invited to register before February 20 and to watch beforehand the documentary “Schooling the world”:



For further logistic information, please contact the Niels Bohr Centre for Cultural Psychology:

Luca Tateo

Kroghstræde 3, Room 4.117

DK-9220 Aalborg Øst

Email: luca@hum.aau.dk




Luca Tateo


Kroghstræde 3, Room 4.117

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20.02.2018 kl. 12.00

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