“Start-up Office hours” – Get input to successfully launch health tech start-ups

“Start-up Office hours” – Get input to successfully launch health tech start-ups

Get input to successfully launch health tech start-ups from Shomit Ghose, Silicon Valley Venture Capitalist and Markus Herrgård, CTO at Bio Innovation Institute


29.09.2020 kl. 15.00 - 17.00


Join us for a virtual event 

The world is changing every day.  Innovation is disrupting the way we live, work and do business.  Have you ever asked if you too might be an agent of such change?  Scientists and technologists might wonder if their breakthroughs and innovations can be the foundation for disruptive, world-changing start-ups.  But navigating the landscape from a technology-driven breakthrough to a business-driven start-up can seem daunting.  The process of getting started on the entrepreneur’s path can seem uncertain.  How do I begin this journey?  Where do I find the guidance I need?

Fear not!  Health Hub AAU has partnered up with Novo Nordisk Foundations BioInnovation Institute (BII) and start-up expert Shomit Ghose, for a virtual event addressing the process of starting up a health tech company; the “Dos and don’ts”, the possibilities and hurdles.

BII actively support disruptive, next-gen technology-driven start-ups.  This support takes the form of not only crucial early-stage financing for technology start-ups, but also the even more crucial support of start-up guidance. Shomit Ghose is a general partner at Silicon Valley venture fund, ONSET Ventures, which he joined in 2001. Prior to entering venture capital, Ghose was a start-up entrepreneur for 19 years, participating in three IPOs and several acquisitions.

Please join us for the Health Hub AAU and BII event “Start-up Office Hours” via Zoom on 29 September 29 2020.  All are welcome!  Your hosts will be Markus Herrgård from the BII, Shomit Ghose, BII advisor and Silicon Valley venture capitalist and Ole Kæseler Andersen from the Faculty of Medicine at AAU.  In addition to providing a short introduction to Health Hub AAU, you will hear about the BII’s innovation priorities, and a discussion of the start-up process.  The office hours will be an informal forum to answer questions from prospective entrepreneurs like you: “what is ‘NBU’?” “how can I tell if my technology can fuel a business”, “how do I identify a market?”, “what about IP?”, “what does it mean to get financed?”, “how do I tell my story?”, “how do I find the people who can help me?”, and of course “what’s my next step?”

Want to make that first step on your entrepreneurial journey? 

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Deadline for registration is 25 September 2020. A few days before the event, you will receive a link to the Zoom-meeting.


Health Hub, Faculty of Medicine, Aalborg University


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