CANCELLED! Inaugural lectures

CANCELLED! ... Department of Materials and Production Invites you to inaugural lectures and "gløgg & æbleskiver".


17.12.2021 kl. 12.30 - 15.00


Department of Materials and production
invites you to

inaugural lectures and "gløgg & æbleskiver"

17 DECEMBER 2021 AT 12.30



  • 12:30 Lecture by Ann-Louise Andersen
  • 13:15 Break 13:30 Lecture by Shaoping Bai
  • 14:15 “Gløgg og æbleskiver” is served in Commonroom, Fibigerstræde 14

Lecture by Ann-Louise Andersen

Title: Managing change in manufacturing systems through reconfigurability, modularity, and platforms

Changeability and reconfigurability are widely recognized as principles that can be implemented and utilized in manufacturing systems for responding efficiently to product variety, rapid new product introductions, and demand fluctuations.

However, both from a practical and a theoretical perspective, design and development of such changeable manufacturing systems is challenged due to their dynamic nature and co-evolution with products. In this lecture, my previous and currently advancing research contributions within the research field of design and development of changeable and reconfigurable manufacturing system will be presented.

Lecture by Shaoping Bai

Title: Exoskeleton - Machines that are wearable

Exoskeletons are a type of machines that are wearable. They are designed to assist, aid, and help people in their body movement.  Exoskeletons have found very broad applications including healthcare, elderly assistance, industrial and military uses. For exoskeleton development, one major challenge is to achieve a lightweight, compact, and effective design for enhancing their performance of human-exoskeleton interaction and finally their successful deployment.

This talk will provide a brief overview of exoskeleton development.  Research challenges in the assistive exoskeleton design and development will be discussed.  Research issues including innovative mechanism design, physical human-exoskeleton interaction, sensing and control will be covered. Some novel designs and sensing methods will be introduced. Examples of exoskeletons at our exoskeleton lab will be presented.


Fibigerstræde 16, room 1.108